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16-18 June 2021  I Hong Kong I Live on Zoom

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Summit on Gender-based Violence will focus on the enforcement and judicial process of GBV related laws. It will bring together both strategic international organizations as well as grassroots organizations, both high-level experts and survivors across the region to:

(1) Identify key challenges, trends and strategic areas of GBV in the region;

(2) Provide a platform to highlight and share innovative solutions and exchange good practices and lessons learned on strategies for different forms of GBV;

(3) Build a regional network to enforce the national commitment and create space for monitoring and evaluation both from states and NGOs.

The three-day summit will be held online through the Zoom platform and will feature over 30 speakers from India, Korea, Nepal, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China to share their experiences and discuss on six themes. Simultaneous English/Putonghua/Cantonese interpretation will be provided throughout the summit. It is open to practitioners and researchers on the topic of gender-based violence, as well as to the general public.

Session 1: Global and Regional Perspectives                                                                                                Objective: Highlight international frameworks and good practices to guide law and practice in ending gender-based violence in Asia-Pacific 


Session 2: State/Institutional Responsibilities for Greater Access to Justice

Objective: Provide an overview of current challenges and gaps hindering an efficient police and judicial response to violence in Asia-Pacific. Discuss recommendations on how to bring laws and practice into conformity with international human rights obligations. Map institutional responsiveness and reforms needed for strong legislation and for policies to be translated into actions. Present experiences of women’s and girls’ access to justice from the perspectives of the courts and law enforcement.

17th June 2021 

Session 3: Moving Towards Survivor-Centered Approaches

Objective: Examine integrated responses that place survivors at the center. Explore multi-sectoral coordinated responses and good practices and lessons learnt about comprehensive and coordinated service delivery and providing pro-bono legal assistance to survivors of gender-based violence.

Session 4: Digital and Image-based Sexual Violence

Objective: Present newly emerged challenges (online GBV, spy cam.) and discuss ways forward. 

18th June 2021

Session 5: Innovative Strategies for Preventing GBV

Objective: Showcase creative and successful campaigns and partnerships to combat GBV. 
Present good practice and unique experiences in Asia-Pacific region. 

Session 6: Strengthening Connections and Escalating Momentum

Objective: Map emerging trends and gaps that need to be addressed for improving laws, enforcement and jurisdiction. Examine inter-regional efforts to build networks and future collaboration.

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