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Greater China Comparative Law Conference

14th - 15th February 2019

Opening Remarks 

He Yaoming Dean, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Zeng Wanru, Dean of the School of Law, National Taiwan University 

Tang Xiaoqing Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Macau

  1. Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

  2. Major changes and issues related to the amendment of the Taiwan Company Law

  3. New Developments in Chinese Corporate Governance

  4. Reflections on the Reform of Macau's Company Law

Discussant: Lin Yuxin (City University of Hong Kong)

Supervision System and Communication Interception

Host: Tang Xiaoqing

  1. Issues related to corruption of the Taiwan Supervisory Office and civil servants (Wang Huangyu, National Taiwan University)

  2. Discussion on China's supervisory system (Wang Xiumei, Beijing Normal University)

  3. Revelations regarding The Political Economy of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (Fu Hualing, the University of Hong Kong)

Discussant: Li Zhe (University of Macau)

Mediation and Multi-Party Dispute Resolution

Moderator: Zhao Yun

  1. Diversification of the Court Mediation System and Procedural Transformation: The Development of Civil Mediation, Family Mediation and Labor Mediation (Shen Guanling, National Taiwan University)

  2. The Legal Principles and Status Quo of the Trial Mediation System in Macau (Qian Zhaoqiang, University of Macau)​

  3. Comparative Study on the Combination of Mediation and Arbitration (Gu Weixia, The University of Hong Kong)

Discussant: Shahla Ali (The University of Hong Kong)


Comparative Law Issues

Moderator: Emily Lee

  1. Macau: Exploration of an Arbitration Platform between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Wang Wei, University of Macau)

  2. The Law of Evidence and the Rule of Law: A Comparative Study of Criminal Court Practice in Taiwan and China (Su Kaiping National Taiwan University)

  3. Issues on the Interception of Communications System in Macao (Li Zhe, University of Macau)


Discussant: Wu Haijie (the University of Hong Kong)

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