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PKU- HKU Annual Conference 2017

1st November 2017

Opening Remarks

Albert Chen, Professor, the University of Hong Kong

Zhang Shouwen, Dean, Peking University Law School


Panel 1

Chair: Professor Zhang Shouwen


  • One Territory, Co-Location and One Country, Two Systems 


Speaker: Albert Chen, Professor, the University of Hong Kong


  • How the Party Leads the Legislation──with the National People's Congress as the Center 


Speaker: Hou Meng, Associate Professor, Peking University


  • Legal analysis of the 2010 Hong Kong Legislative Council elections: The Perspective of History and Comparative Law 


Speaker: Dr Zhu Han, the University of Hong Kong


Panel 2

Chair: Fu Yulin, Professor, Peking University


  • Investors and National Dispute Settlement Mechanism Reform: The Practice and Influence of the European Union


Speaker: Zhang Zhiyong,  Associate Professor Peking University


  • The Status of the Media in China's Anti-Monopoly Law


Speaker: Angela Huyue Zhang, Associate Professor, the University of Hong Kong


  • A New Perspective on Sustainable Development: Taking China’s Outer Space Cooperation as an Example


Speaker: Yun Zhao, Professor, the University of Hong Kong)


Panel 3

Chair: Wang Xixin, Professor, Peking University


  • The Historical Mission of Contemporary Law: Thinking of Legal Strategy Based on the Construction of the Rule of Law in China


Speaker: Yi Jiming, Professor, Peking University


  • The Establishment of Evidence Collection Arrangements in the Mainland and Hong Kong and the Challenges They Face


Speaker: Professor Zhang Xianchu (The University of Hong Kong)


  • The Principle of Legally Prescribed Punishment for Crimes and the Protection of Human Rights in the Criminal Law 


Speaker: Wang Xin, Professor, Peking University

Panel 4 

Chair: Yu Guanghua, Professor, the University of Hong Kong


  • The Transition from the Chinese Case Guidance System to the Judicial Precedent System: Necessity and Justification


Speaker: Zhang Qi, Professor, Peking University


  • On the Classification of Legal Persons in the General Principles of Civil Law 


Speaker: Jin Jinping, Professor, Peking University 


  • Establishment of a Special Needs Trust for People With Intellectual Disabilities in Hong Kong


Speaker: Rebecca Lee, Associate Professor, the University of Hong Kong 

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