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2008 - present 
Jan 24 -5, 2014:   hosted by HKU Faculty of Law
Dec 12-13, 2017: hosted by HKU Faculty of Law

Feb 14 -15, 2019 hosted by HKU Faculty of Law

In 2006, the Institutum Iurisprudentiae of the Academia Sinica initiated and held the first Conference on Legal Development in the Greater China Area was initiated and first held by in 2006.The Conference has been held annually by law schools in Hong Kong, Mainland, Macau and Taiwan to promote the legal exchange in the greater China area.


November, 2008:hosted by HKU Faculty of Law

November, 2017:hosted by HKU Faculty of Law

2010 Forum: “Constitutional Rights and Constitutionalism”


Jan 22, 2010


2011 Forum:

“Government Regulation and Civil Rights in the Context of China”



Jan 21-22, 2011


2012 Forum: “Public Events, Media and Rule of Law”


Jan 10-11, 2012


2013 Forum: “Fiscal Policy and Constitution”


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